Mia and the Monsters characters hugging in front of a tent with the title above them

Mia and the Monsters

Mia and the Monsters follows a confident young Inuk girl and her quirky group of monster friends. Presented in the classic storytelling style of Winnie the Pooh, The Wizard of Oz, and Where the Wild Things Are, this series will teach kids the value of being kind, sharing with others, and being yourself. The Mia and the Monsters world is a camp with Mia’s tent and the monsters’ homes situated in a place that resembles the natural environment of the Canadian Arctic.

This story will begin in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and then the audience will be magically transported to Mia’s make-believe tundra world. The activities, tools, and games will be familiar to Northern children, and the series will give a glimpse of Northern life to children around the world. This preschool series will be filled with age-appropriate information and will teach important Inuit values of kindness, friendship, patience, and environmental stewardship.

Note: This series is based on a preschool book series with the same name, familiar to children across Nunavut.


2D & live-action children’s television series
Audience: Preschool (ages 2–5)
Produced in English and Inuktitut



Written by Neil Christopher & Nadia Sammurtok

Directed by Neil Christopher & Nadia Mike

Produced by Louise Flaherty & Neil Christopher