Ogress of the Gravelbank (2015)

Inuit oral history is filled with strange beings and supernatural creatures. One of these feared land spirits is the Ogress of the Gravelbank. This cruel being was known to lure children into her lair and trap them there. All that perish in that cave remain there as spirits and animated corpses.
This short vignette introduces viewers to this malevolent spirit who is unknown to all but the people of the far north.

3 minutes, 2D animation 


Directed by Neil Christopher
Produced by Louise Flaherty and Neil Christopher
Screenplay by Neil Christopher

Awards and Nominations: 

Achievement in Animation Filmmaking (Nominee), Los Angeles Skins Film Festival (2016)

Best Animation (Nominee), Yorkton Film Festival (2017)

Awards and Nominations:

Award Winner
  • 2016 CreActive International Open Film Festival (Dhaka, Bangladesh) – Special Mention Award for “Animation Film”
  • 2015 Yorkton Film Festival (Yorkton, SK, Canada) – Best Children’s and Youth Production Winner