Little Folk of the Arctic (2015)

In the folklore of most cultures around the world there are stories of magical little folk. And the Arctic is no exception. Inuit traditional knowledge is filled with references to many different races and tribes of little folk. These beings always try to avoid human encounters, but over the years Inuit hunters and shaman have gathered stories and experiences to help us understand these small inhabitants.
This short introduces viewers to the little folk of the Arctic.

3 minutes, 2D animation 


Directed by Neil Christopher
Produced by Louise Flaherty and Neil Christopher
Screenplay by Neil Christopher

Awards and Nominations:

Best Short Animation, Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (2016)

Best Animation (Nominee), American Indian Film Festival (2016)

Achievement in Animation Filmmaking (Nominee), Los Angeles Skins Film Festival (2016)

Best Animation (Nominee), Yorkton Film Festival (2017)

Awards and Nominations:

Award Winner
  • 2016 American Indian Film Festival (San Francisco, CA, USA) – Best Animation Co-Winner
  • 2016 Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (Seoul, South Korea) – Best Short Animation Winner
Award Nominee
  • 2017 Yorkton Film Festival (Yorkton, SK, Canada) – Nominated in Animation Category
  • 2016 LA Skins Film Fest (Los Angeles, CA, USA) – Nominated for Achievement in Animation Filmmaking
  • 2019 Nuuk International Film Festival (Nuuk, Greenland)