In Development

Anaana’s Tent

Anaana’s Tent is an entertaining and educational children’s series that mixes animation, puppets, and live action. This series is designed for preschool children between 2 and 5 years old. Anaana’s Tent is loosely modelled after classic educational series such as Sesame Street, Mr. Dressup, and Dora the Explorer. Each episode… Read More

Beyond The Inuksuk

The magical world described in Inuit myths and legends exists! It is a hidden place inhabited by land spirits, ancient giants, and other strange beings. More Read More

The Giant Bear

One of the most terrifying creatures to be found in traditional Inuit stories is the nanurluk, a massive bear the size of an iceberg. A lone hunter decides to face this almost undefeatable foe. More Read More

Completed Projects

Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing (2017)

Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing tells the story of an ice-fishing trip taken by two unlikely friends—Ukaliq the Arctic hare and Kalla the lemming. Well-meaning but impatient, Ukaliq can’t catch a single Arctic char! Good thing Kalla is there. Embodying the calm, thoughtful nature of traditional hunters and those who… Read More

The Owl and the Lemming (2016)

The oral history of Inuit is filled with many folktales, legends, and myths. In this traditional story, a young owl catches a lemming to eat. Inuit stories are often instructive, and with this fable, children quickly learn the value of being clever and humble, and why pride and arrogance are… Read More

Little Folk of the Arctic (2015)

In the folklore of most cultures around the world there are stories of magical little folk. And the Arctic is no exception. Inuit traditional knowledge is filled with references to many different races and tribes of little folk. These beings always try to avoid human encounters, but over the years… Read More

Ogress of the Gravelbank (2015)

Inuit oral history is filled with strange beings and supernatural creatures. One of these feared land spirits is the Ogress of the Gravelbank. This cruel being was known to lure children into her lair and trap them there. All that perish in that cave remain there as spirits and animated… Read More

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The Amautalik (2014)

A neglected orphan and a kind little girl encounter one of the most dangerous land spirits from Inuit folktales—the Amautalik. This huge creature wanders the tundra, looking for children or lone travellers. When the Amautalik finds the two children far away from the safety of their camp, she is certain… Read More

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The Orphan and the Polar Bear (2013)

According to Inuit oral history, long ago animals had the power of speech, could shift their appearances, and could even assume human form. In The Orphan and the Polar Bear, a neglected orphan is adopted by a polar bear elder. Under the bear’s guidance, the little orphan learns the skills… Read More

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Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves (2011)

It begins as an average hunting trip for two young men, but when they find themselves lost, the only safe haven to be found for miles—a mysterious village filled with the sounds of drum dancing and revelry—turns out to be even more dangerous than the frigid ocean. Directed by Neil… Read More