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Anaana’s Tent Season 1 (2018)

It’s summertime in the Arctic, and host Rita Claire sets up camp at her mother’s tent on the land. With the help of her old husky, Qimmiq, and a cast of special friends, Rita Claire sings songs, plays games, reads stories and learns new words in Inuktitut. Special guests, including Celina Kalluk, Beatrice Deer, Looee Arreak, Meeka Arnakaq and the Jerry Cans, drop by to visit. Anaana’s Tent is an entertaining and educational preschool TV series that prepares children for Kindergarten. The series is a mixture of live-action, puppet, and animated segments and is filled with Northern stories. Anaana’s Tent teaches Inuit values of kindness, friendship, patience and environmental stewardship.

13 x 22 mins, live action & animation, Inuktitut & English 



Head Writer: Neil Christopher

Writers: Nadia Mike, Roselynn Akulukjuk, Daniel Christopher, William Flaherty, Maren Vsetula, Champagne Brittany Choquer, Philip Eddolls, Martha Grant


Directors: Nadia Mike, Roselynn Akulukjuk, Neil Christopher, Philip Eddolls, Daniel Christopher, Patrick Béland


Producer: Neil Christopher


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Anaana’s Tent Season 1 Trailer – Inuktitut